_Rocky Nook: Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography
Published by Rocky Nook in California the english-american edition of the book on panoramic photography is now available!

Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography

The unusual perspective of a panoramic image creates a unique and intriguing visual experience for the viewer. Skillfully executed, panoramic photography can realize scenes which could otherwise never be captured in an image or seen with the naked eye.

Panoramas offer new possibilities for creative photographers, either as flat, two-dimensional images, or mapped into a 3D space that can be visited on a virtual tour. New, powerful, panorama software makes the workflow easier and more efficient than ever before.

Author Harald Woeste takes the reader on a tour from the basics of capturing panoramas, all the way through stitching, editing, and printing panoramic images. He provides a detailed description of the necessary equipment and materials, as well as the various software tools that can be used in the workflow. The latter half of the book illustrates the making of panoramas through a number of example projects.

In Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography you will find everything you need to know to create amazing panoramic images.

160 pages 
October 2009 
ISBN: 978-1-933952-45-1 
Price: USD 34.95 
Rocky Nook
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Book Reviews

"Most useful was a section outlining some of the VR panoramic tripod heads that are currently available on the market. I found the brief summary of each model with pros and cons valuable and had wished I had read the book before I had purchased a VR panoramic head myself." (Bryan Opyd / opyd.com / 12.01.2011)

"Woeste gives a logical introduction to the concepts behind digital panoramas, as well as an excellent overview of panoramic tripod heads and stitching software options. A couple of years ago I experimented with various software and equipment for panoramas, and spent weeks digging around online — this book would’ve saved me a lot of time." (Joe Reifer / joereifer.com / 25.01.2010)

"The bottom line is ... if you have tinkered with doing panoramas and want to expand your horizons by getting a broader, more professional view than I can easily recommend Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography." (T. Michael Testi / blogcritics.org / 11.11.2009)

"Looks pretty awesome." (Brett May / brettmayphotography.blogspot.com / 02.11.2009)

"... if you are a photographer who wants to move beyond the simple flat image capture and processing, wants to know what’s available to help you create better panoramas, and wants to see some of the possibilities available in panoramic photography, this book will provide a good introduction." (Conrad J. Obregon / photofocus.com / 01.11.2009)